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Loyalty copilot for ambitious games

Craft engaging stories and a meta game to sell your game


Ultimate game loyaLty with data transparency

L3V3L loyalty management platform schema

Why you need Level xp and didn't even know it

player love L3V3L

Engaging game interactions with incentives

  • Make true fans feel recognised
  • Reward your community
  • Consistent loyalty metrics
player love L3V3L

Loyalty platform for pro game makers

  • Cost-free reward management
  • Easy in-game and discord integrations
  • Provide a fun and gamified experience

And there is much more

Use our API to create a fully customised in-game loyalty experience

L3V3L XP API is built to create customised rewarding experiences inside your game. Use your custom missions for players and deliver in-game rewards.

RGPD compliantCCPA compliant
Anonymised game sessions datas
API in-game loyalty

Geared up for any stage in the game process

Video game pre launch loyalty

Pre Launch

Maximise Retention with L3V3L XP: Engage Early with Appealing Rewards.
Video game post launch engagement

Post Launch

Seamless in-game integration for ongoing retention, loyalty, and referrals.

But why jump onboard with L3V3L?

High-level gamification tools
High-Level gamification tools
Gaming related rewards only
Gaming related rewards only
Social media integration for game makers
Social media integration for game makers
Fully integrated with discord
Fully integrated with discord
API for in-game integration
Api for in-game integration
Store integration
store integration


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Gaming related rewards only
“L3V3L’s fluid content management allows me to easily shift my reward strategy, creating missions to convert one type of content to another on the fly.”

Create your first mission and publish in just two clicks. Analyse your engagement datas all in one space.

L3V3L aims to create the most easy and less time consuming way to create your first loyalty program and start rewarding players in just a few minutes.

Players' engagement analytics
API in-game loyalty

Create a consistent gaming experience with LEVEL Connect

Use L3V3L connect, our authentication module and make gamers feel a unique and consistent experience from your medias to your in-game rewards.

Cut acquisition costs with incentivised word of mouth

Players' engagement analytics

And we have a plan for you

  • Up to 500 community members
  • 1 seat
  • Unlimited missions
  • 10 rewards
  • No support
Premium PLAN
Contact us
  • Unlimited community members
  • Unlimited seats
  • Unlimited missions
  • Unlimited rewards
  • In-game integrations
  • Custom support
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